What I Ate Wednesday, #23

Wazzup peeps? So in contrast to last week’s rushing around, this week is going niiiiiiice and slow. By God’s providence, my boss and professors were willing to work with me so I could go on vacation for my parent’s anniversary. My psychology professor was totally cool with it, since the lectures are basically from the textbook and I submit my homework online. My English professor kindly offered to help me catch up once I got back, and I asked a classmate to keep notes for me. So there’s a small amount of psych homework to do while I’m down here, but I’m getting to revisit summer and be with my parents on their anniversary. Small price to pay, I say 🙂

Well anyway, cheers to another WIAW!

Raisin Cereal + Vegan Hash BrownsSo, breakfast was a nice bowl of Back to Nature Risin’ Raisin Chia cereal, with some almond milk. It wasn’t the sweetest cereal I’ve ever had, but with the raisins and the almond milk it was plenty sweet. I also made some oven-roasted hash browns, seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. That was one delicious breakfast, complete with the ocean waves rolling in the background.

White Tea Drink + BananaOnce we got back from doing some shopping, I had a cherry and acai white tea and a banana. I found the Little Miracles drinks when we were food shopping for fifty cents! They’re really refreshing, and you get a really nice hit from the cherry. They also happen to be sweetened with agave, which is nice. And not that I don’t like bananas plain (because I’m crazy about them), but it’s scientific fact that almost any fruit is at least 50% better with peanut butter. FACT 😉

Chia Sweet Peach SmoothieMy mom wanted to get a coffee at Wawa around lunch, so I got a smoothie. Do you guys know about those kombuchas and health drinks that have whole chia seeds in them? I can’t do those. Nothing against chia seeds, but if I’m drinking something, it has to be pretty smooth. I’m not crazy about chewing drinks. This smoothie wasn’t bad at all. Naked smoothies rock 🙂

Veggie Spring RollsSo, for dinner I had some spring rolls that I concocted myself. I was just playing around with the rice paper I happened upon at the store, and it was a lot of fun. The fresh veggies, the avocado, the sweet chili sauce I dipped it in, all of it was great. I might dial back the mint and cilantro next time because I found it a little overbearing, but those little rolls were still fantabulously delicious. In fact, I might just post my recipe when I’m done tweaking it 😉

Chips and GuacamoleWhen the day came to a close and I was hanging with my family, I decided to snack on some guac. Because I LOVE guac. Even better was the fact that it was spicy, because YUM. I dipped with some tortilla chips to do something different from the usual. Yumness!

Heeey, so happy WIAW! Feel free to share your Wednesday eats! 🙂
P.S., don’t forget to swing by Jenn’s blog, and head over to Laura’s blog to catch the linkup!



  1. I’m glad you got to spend time with your parents for their anniversary and get some rest and relaxation from your busy week. I love everything you’ve photographed here… the veggie rolls look so bright! And guacamole is indeed my favorite !

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  2. Dear Queenie … iiiii want to know how you got to go along on your parents’ ANNIVERSARY?!?! 😄 … and I can’t remember WIAW, specifically, but … randomly … it could very well have been my carrot chili … I make a giant batch and eat it for days … because I have no problem eating the same thing day in and day out … I’m not good with ‘decisions’ … I have enough big decisions to make in life, let alone what to put in my mouth on a daily basis … I just throw together diced tomatoes, (plus a can of rotel), black beans, kidney beans, frozen corn, and about 2 1/2 lbs of food processed carrots … that being said, thank you again for the decisions you make FOR me on what to try next … LOVE spring rolls … I have to get me some of that rice paper 😊

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    • 🙂 Whelp, God certainly helped me out! Carrot chili sounds awesome. I’m kind of the same, when I have a busy day it’s nice to have go-to meals or leftovers that I can cook and eat without really thinking about it. I’m going to write down your recipe, I actually have a couple of chili recipes I want to try this Fall! I love chili 🙂 I hope you can find the rice paper, I was thinking of posting the spring roll recipe if I can carve out some time! 🙂

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