What I Ate Wednesday, #22

Hey gang! Congratulations, ’cause we all survived another week. I’m relieved that I’m starting to get this college thing down to a science 🙂 I’m also pretty psyched because I got an A on the first paper I turned in! Guess I can chill for a little bit 😉

On to WIAW:

Cashew Butter Toast + BananaSo, breakfast before work was a banana (which I’m currently obsessed with), and some Ezekiel bread with cashew butter. I just recently gave the cashew butter a whirl. It’s not very different from peanut butter, but it’s pretty good. But I have to say, I’m a peanut butter junkie at heart 🙂

Apple, Sweet Potato, and Blueberry PouchWhen I took my break I had a green apple, but it didn’t quite make it behind a viewfinder. I sucked a fruit pouch on the way home because I was starting to get a little hungry, so I wanted something to hold me over. One of the reasons I even like fruit pouches is because you can eat them while you’re driving. I’m serious, they’re almost hands-free.Refried Bean Pocket with Baby CarrotsSo, lunch was pretty delicious. I put some refried beans (I buy a lard-free brand) and salsa in a whole wheat pita, and topped it with some vegan pepperjack cheese (which I melted after taking the picture). I ended up using utensils, but it was good. I had some baby carrots as a side because I love carrots, and I’d hate to see them go bad.

Peanut Butter Cookie BarSo, my sister actually wanted to go to the gym, and I ended up going with her. I spent twenty minutes on the elliptical, did some leg and arm exercises, and cooled down for ten minutes on the treadmill. I had brought along a peanut butter cookie bar for protein afterwards, plus a bottle of water which was gone by the end of my workout.Cauli-Cream Zoodles with Spicy Vegan Chik'nDinner was ahh-mazing. I had zoodles with a cauliflower cream sauce. Yes, cauliflower. My mom saw it in the Wegman’s magazine, and we had to try it. I doctored it up with some garlic powder, Italian spices, a pinch of cumin, salt, pepper, and some nooch. I also had the idea to go for a chik’n alfredo, so I cooked a Boca chik’n patty to go with it. It was so good!

Homework BananaA little bit after dinner, I decided to dive into some English homework. I needed some brain food. I needed a homework banana. I’m glad we have a lot of bananas in the house, ’cause I’ve got psychology homework to do tomorrow too… 😉

Happy WIAW, peeps!

Remember to check out Jenn’s blog, Peas and Crayons! And Meghan is awesome for hosting the linkup this week. Check her out too!

I’m sure you ate something yummy today. Please share your interesting eats!




  1. Hi Chelsea! Sorry I am a week behind in reading this …it’s been a crazy week for me but things are finally slowing down.

    I loved reading and seeing the photos from last week. The cauliflower cream sauce looks especially delicious!

    Hope you’re having a good Wednesday and look forward to reading you later on !

    Liked by 1 person

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