What I Ate Wednesday, #21

Hey peeps, I’m baaaack!

I didn’t really go anywhere, actually. Last week was CRAZY CRAZY because it was my first week back at work. This week is (and will be) CRAZY CRAZY because I’m starting at college, and tomorrow happens to be my first day… So, yeah. Exciting nonetheless 😉

Cheers to another WIAW!

Flax Cereal + Banana

I got up early, so I was actually able to sit and enjoy my breakfast (and snap a picture of it). I had some flax cereal with almond milk and a nicely ripened banana. I threw some vegan mini chocolate chips on there for some pizazz. Aaaand because I felt like it. Mostly because I felt like it 😉

Larabar + Clementines

When I got out of work, I was pretty thirsty. I had a bottle of water (which is not pictured, but was much needed ’cause it was a scorcher), some yummy clementines and a Pumpkin Pie Larabar. All delicious, and the clementines were very refreshing despite the seeds.

Vegan Caldo FreddoSo, my aunt actually made a surprise visit. When I was driving up the road to our house, my aunt and my mom were walking out the door on their way to lunch. They waited for me to change my clothes so I could tag along with them.

Vegan Veggie Melt

We ended up going to Mama’s, which is probably my favorite restaurant because hey, vegan menu! I got a lunch combo: vegan Caldo Freddo (with vegan “sausage”) and a veggie melt (with vegan cheese). Totally yum!

Vegan Dark Chocolate Ganache

And as a reward for my successful day at work, I got dessert too. I got a vegan dark chocolate ganache, which was just enough for me. It was like an especially chocolatey mousse, and it was pretty great.

Seaweed Snack

We did some shopping and other stuff after we ate, and we got home mid-afternoon. I was ready to chill for a bit, because I’d been up doing something since my head left the pillow. I sunk into a chair with a nice little pack of seaweed. I got the wasabi kind, because I love spicy stuff. Ask anyone in my family, and they’ll tell you I’m a total spice nut 😉

Vegan Yogurt + Banana

Maybe an hour before dinner, I started feeling a little hungry. I didn’t want to go crazy, so I just had a vegan yogurt with a banana. It wasn’t too much, but just enough to hold me over till dinner.

Orange Chik'n with Brown Rice + Green Beans

Dinner was my favorite meal of the day. I had some orange chik’n with oven-roasted green beans (seasoned with salt, pepper, and smoky spices), and some brown rice. It was really delicious, and kept me satisfied the rest of the night.

Alrighty, thanks for reading! Oh, and happy WIAW!

Don’t forget to check out Jenn’s lovely blog, Peas and Crayons!




  1. Chelsea … you certainly have a knack for making everything you put in your mouth look outrageously good … I accidentally came upon a new “find” last night because i was too beat to cut celery … almond butter with edamame 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 😀 I just wish I could share with everybody, especially the Mama’s food because it was delish.
      Too beat to cut celery, haha I hear ya 😉 Almond butter with edamame? It sounds so odd I might just have to try it!


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