Bethlehem VegFest!

So, Saturday was awesome. When we got there, there were a lot of people. It was certainly bigger than I expected. Since festivals like this don’t always happen to be in my area, I pretty much went nuts.

Real Deal Veggie ChipsWhen we first got there, we decided to stand in line for about ten or fifteen minutes to get veggie chips. I know that sounds ridiculous, but two free big bags of veggie chips? I wasn’t about to turn that down! They also gave us a massive stack of coupons which are good for a whole year. Total score! 🙂

Jamaican Me Crazy Cupcake (2)We also stopped by the MoPweeze Bakery stand, and I got a Jamaican Me Crazy cupcake. It was an incredibly moist cupcake. Delicious.Kale JuiceIt was pretty hot out, so I was dying to get a juice. I got the kale-cucumber juice with watermelon rind and black pepper. It was a bit spicy, but a very interesting and refreshing juice.The Cinnamon Snail TruckAs I mentioned recently, I was pretty pumped for the Cinnamon Snail. And yes, I did get my cinnamon fix 😉Cinnamon SnailI got a “Cinnamon Snail,” which was just one of their cinnamon buns. It was on the drier side of the cinnamon bun spectrum, but it was still tasty.Thanksgiving SandooI’d heard good things about the Thanksgiving Sandoo, so I ended up getting that (but I did want to try more stuff, so I took half of it home). I kind of wished the baguette was whole wheat, but I’m not complaining. That was one incredible sandwich. But that was only the beginning.OMG Smoothies TruckAfter the sandwich I was a little thirsty, so we went over to the smoothie stand.

OMG Smoothies Menu

My parents shared a blueberry lemonade, and I got a peachy carrot. It was a pretty awesome smoothie combo (I loved that you could totally taste the carrot).

Vegan TreatsSo, this was basically the highlight of the day for me. But boy, was that Vegan Treats line long! A couple people that I know mentioned that they tried the storefront instead of the tent (thinking there’d be a shorter line) and ended up in a long line anyway. But hey, Vegan Treats! No long line was going to stop me.

Maple Chik'n Waffle Donut

Chocolate Whoopie Pie

I got a Maple Chik’n Waffle Donut and a Chocolate Whoopie Pie. I tried a bite of each and saved the rest for at home (or I’m sorry, in the car on the way home). Crazy stuff, you guys. Both of them were out of this world, but I gotta say that whoopie pie was mind-blowing.GreenSageBlog DemonstrationSo, there were some cooking demos too, which I thought was pretty cool. I got to watch Stefanie from Green Sage Blog make a Pineapple Coconut Buckwheat Salad. It looked really good, but we didn’t get to taste it (maybe we didn’t hang around long enough?). I believe she said she was going to post the recipe on her blog soon, so you might want to keep your eyes peeled 😉

On our way back to the car, we stopped by some of the animal rights stands, and Dana and Doris. I actually got a free sponge!'Cheesesteak' Vegan EmpanadaI tossed around the idea of getting a vegan empanada when we first got there, but I ended up getting it right before we left. I got the “cheesesteak” one, and it was actually really yum. The pocket was kind of falling apart on me, but it didn’t bother me. Such cheezy goodness…Kombucha StandAnd I’m a kombucha freak, so of course I had to get some before we left. It was pineapple-ginger flavored. Not as bubbly as my usual Reed’s, but nonetheless thirst-quenching.Pineapple Ginger KombuchaI have fully experienced VegFest for the first time, and it was pretty much a vegan’s paradise. Can’t wait for next year!

So, did anybody else go to VegFest this year? What cool stuff did you try?



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