What I Ate Wednesday, #17

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m posting Tuesday’s eats:

So, it was a little different. I didn’t get out for a run because I was taking care of my neighbor’s cats, and by the time I got back it was already sweltering. Instead, after eating breakfast I swam some laps in our pool. One of the perks of having a pool in the backyard 😉

Tofu Scramble (2)

So, breakfast was tofu scramble (are you getting tired of it yet? lol), but with a twist. I chopped up some vegan Italian “sausage” and threw it into the mix. That, combined with the tofu, made for a pretty protein-smacked breakfast. Not to mention the “sausage” added a little extra punch of flavor. It was yum.

Donut Peaches

For a snack, I had some donut peaches. A friend just gave us a basket of the little suckers, and I’ve been eating them like cray-zee. They are phenomenal. As I like to say, like nature’s candy. Peach juice dribbling down your chin is one of the best parts of summer, no? 🙂

Banana-Mixed Fruit SmoothieAround lunchtime, I was too hot to eat any “actual” food, so I made myself a smoothie. I used a banana or two, added some mixed tropical fruit, and finished with a dollop of peanut butter. I also used coconut milk, which made it really thick and creamy. I enjoyed it poolside.

Donut Peaches (2)

I’m a total fiend, so I snatched some more donut peaches mid-afternoon. They were literally at the peak of ripeness, so I just couldn’t resist.

Sweet Potato + Veggie Burger

Dinner was a veggie burger, but I wanted to do something a little different with it. Instead of the usual peppers and onions with ketchup, I decided to do it with some medium-spicy salsa. It was actually a pretty good combo. I had it alongside a baked sweet potato, which I topped with vegan butter, agave and cinnamon. Absolutely delicious and filling to boot 😀

As always, a thanks to the lovely Jenn of Peas and Crayons, as well as Arman for hosting the linkup this week. Hoo-rah! 🙂




  1. I’ve only just recently noticed that they are carrying donut peaches at my local market. Actually, I’d never even heard of them until this summer! Crazy right? Are they very different from regular peaches?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, cool! I usually get mine at a farmstand, because they don’t sell them at my grocery store.
      That’s actually not too surprising, because a lot of my friends had never heard of them before either. Then again, none of my friends are really fruit-crazy like I am 😉
      I actually don’t go for the regular peaches a lot, I’m a donut gal 😉 But from what I can remember (because it’s been a while) the donut peaches are a little sweeter and more mellow. From my experience, they also ripen faster. Hope that answers your question 🙂

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    • Oh, I hear ya. I hate to turn on the oven when I already can’t take the heat outside. I also hate using the microwave, but if I like REALLY want a sweet potato I’ll do that occasionally. It works if you don’t want to use the oven, but it’s kind of a last resort. I’ll just poke it with a fork a few times, wrap it in plastic wrap and (depending on the size of the potato) microwave it for 2-3 minutes.
      😀 Haha I’ll have to check the rates for tuber parcels 😉


  2. 1) your pictures are GOR-GE-OUS! Especially the second donut peach shot and the picture of your dinner. Speaking of which…

    2) sweet potato with vegan butter, agave, and cinnamon!? YUM. I MUST try.
    I like your WIAW posts — they give me great ideas! 🙂

    Stay cool!

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