What I Ate Wednesday, #16

Hey, peeps! I apologize for the lack of recipe postings. I’m hoping to be able to post something this Friday, so we’ll see 😉


HoneydewFor breakfast, I had some tofu scramble (which never made its way into my viewfinder) and some honeydew melon which was probably the ripest I’ve seen this year. I put, in addition to the other spices, some cumin and paprika in my tofu scramble, which was delicious as usual. I’m addicted to my spice cabinet. There, I said it 😉

Coconut ChipsAfter running some errands with my mom, I snacked on some coconut chips. THESE THINGS ARE ADDICTIVE. I don’t always buy them, because I know they won’t last five minutes anyways. But they are delicious, so sometimes I treat myself 🙂

Falafel SaladLunch was a falafel salad (which I sort of prefer to using a pita for my falafel). I got a nice bed of lettuce, topped it with some chopped cucumber, and crumbled my falafel over top. I also doused it with red sauce, which is plain tomato sauce with a squirt of sriracha stirred in. I squeezed on some extra sriracha mid-meal just for fun. Sure my mouth was on fire, but I’ll always love sriracha ❤

Trail MixLunch did a good job of holding me over (gotta love those chickpeas), so I didn’t snack again until well into the afternoon. I was in the mood for sweet and chewy, so I went for a protein trail mix. The cashews and pumpkin seeds were great, but I especially liked the dried cherries.

Acorn Squash & Green BeansDinner was some ranchy green beans, this time using white beans instead of green. I also had acorn squash, which was roasted with olive oil and cinnamon sugar. I also spread a little vegan butter on it, and it was heavenly. I ended up going back for the other half 🙂


Thanks again to Jenn for the WIAW party, and to Laura for hosting the linkup this week! 😀




    • Thanks!! 🙂 At my house we’re melon fanatics, but we try to alternate it from honeydew to watermelon to canteloupe so we don’t get bored 😉 I’m obsessed with getting them when they’re just right 🙂
      Happy WIAW!


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