What I Ate Wednesday, #15

Hey guys! Well, you might notice I’ve done some redecorating. There were certain things about that other theme that I just couldn’t stand, so I took a stab at prettying things up. Feel free to let me know what y’all think 🙂

Another WIAW?

Oranges and LarabarSo, I went for a nice run in the morning. When I got back, a scarfed a few clementines and a Blueberry Muffin Larabar. Larabars are awesome, especially when you’re really hungry and in need of some serious nutrients.

Tofurky SammieLunch was a tofurky sandwich, some baby carrots and a nice salad. The salad was topped with vegan ranch dressing and some smoky spices. The sandwich was on a Flatout Foldit flatbread, and it had some hot sauce too because I am a fanatic. It was a really satisfying lunch.

Peppers and PineappleLater by the pool, I had a snack of fresh pineapple and some bell pepper sticks. I LOVE colorful food, don’t you? I dipped the red peppers in (what else) roasted red pepper hummus. Hummus is an absolute necessity in my life (that and peanut butter).

Tea and DatesLater in the afternoon, I had a cup of french vanilla tea (with a splash of almond milk) with a few dates. I had some cookie butter with the dates, too. Totally yum 🙂

ChickpeasI also had a protein-packed snack later that day: split chickpeas! They’re dried chickpeas, and they taste a lot like peanuts. We got them from an Indian store, along with some other staples. You may not know this about me, but Indian food is a fave of mine. I love the spices!

PeasI wasn’t really hungry after the chickpeas, so dinner was a bowl of peas. We eat a lot of peas. And I mean a LOT. OF. PEAS. It’s almost comical 🙂

And, that’s a wrap!

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  1. I like your new blog theme and the script writing at the top:) And of course the zucchini-green color too!
    Yummy chick peas and dates especially that you ate yesterday… I’m a huge fan of both … And all fruits and veggies for that matter!

    Liked by 1 person

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