What I Ate Wednesday, #14

Howdy, peeps! Today’s menu was a little smaller I think, but still just as delicious 🙂

WIAW #14For breakfast, I tried something new and went for a smoothie bowl. I used frozen banana, frozen blueberries, some canteloupe, and a little bit of peanut butter for protein. I topped it with some blueberries and some finely chopped peanuts. The color was a little off, but it still tasted good 🙂

WIAW  #14 (2)The smoothie bowl did a good job of staving me off until lunch. Does anyone else in this joint love edamame? Because I certainly do. I always get the frozen bags because they’re great for last-minute eats. My fave flavor would have to be the salt and black pepper, which was the kind I ate today. Why else do I love edamame? Protein, people 🙂

WIAW #14 (3)For an afternoon snack I had a nice, big juicy apple. I ate it with a bit of peanut butter (the classic combo). Apples with peanut butter are kind of a go-to for me.WIAW #14 (4)Before dinner, I had a quick, hold-me-over-til-dinner bowl of peas with a smidge of Earth Balance. I also put a sprinkling of salt for a bit of pizzazz.

WIAW #14 (5)Dinner was a black bean veggie burger, over a bed of sauteed peppers and onions. Veggie burgers just aren’t complete without the peppers and onions 😉

WIAW #14 (6)Since I was cooking this broccoli anyway because I didn’t want it to go bad, I decided to have a sampling because I love broccoli. And, I love it even more with garlic. My philosophy is that garlic instantly makes any food more desirable (except maybe dessert, hah).


Happy WIAW! Once again, a big thank you to the lovely Jenn of Peas and Crayons. Woohoo!

So, what’d you guys eat today? Please do share 😉




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