How My Race Went + My Grad Party!

Phew! So, Saturday was a long day, but it was also really awesome.

It started with me and my parents getting off to my race at about 7:30. I got my packet and did a quick warm-up, and I was ready to roll.

There were a lot of people there, which was a little intimidating at first. But once the race started, I sort of settled into my own groove. I really pushed my limit the last mile, especially since a good part of that mile was uphill. Either one of my parents or my Aunt Sandy snapped a pic of me running:

Me Racing (3)I was super proud of myself though, because I finished the 5k in under 30 minutes (probably for the first time in my life)! I remember in 2013 I ran the same race and finished in 32 minutes, but this time I did it in just over 29! I’m happy to be improving and all I can say is that training pays off. A lot.

I didn’t have too much time to celebrate, because I had to get right home and prep for my par-tay. I made the triple-batch beet cake Friday night (and did the layer in the middle of the cake). I decided to go with an aquafaba icing, and yes indeed I screwed something up. I was so flustered getting a recipe that I printed out a royal icing that I now suppose is for cookie decorating (but definitely not for cake-icing).

It was not the thick, fluffy butter-creamy icing I wanted. It was soup. I’m a dope. Keep in mind that this realization was less than an hour before my party was supposed to start. Yeah, it was nuts.

So after realizing my mistake and berating myself (and praying profusely), I started whipping in more powdered sugar in an effort to thicken it, but realized it wouldn’t have that buttery taste we all know and love. So I whipped in some Earth Balance and that kind of helped, but it just wasn’t making it.

Then, like a lightning bolt, the idea hit me: Why don’t you whip in some peanut butter?

I remembered about a month ago making peanut butter frosting for cupcakes, and I remembered how thick (and awesomely delicious) the peanut butter made the frosting. I figured at that point, what do I have to lose? So I did the PB.

It totally worked. Jesus really saved my butt on that one 😉

I iced the cake, piped on a border, and had my mother write on it because I was scared I was going to ruin it. I finished it minutes before 1:00. It was total madness.

PB-Chocolate Grad CakeBut cake! Hooray!

PB-Choco CupcakesI also did PB-Chocolate cupcakes. They were awesome, but didn’t fly as much as the cake 🙂 There were like, three pieces left of the whole sheet cake. Proof that vegan cake rocks 🙂

For actual food, a couple of my family members brought over some non-vegan food for everyone else, and my Dad bought a gigantic (also not vegan) sub sandwich. As much as I wanted my party to be all vegan, I knew that wouldn’t end up working. Out of maybe 30-40 people, I’d say about three of us were vegetarian (myself the only vegan).

But I ended up making some of my vegan favorites anyway. I made my favorite spinach dip, which all went because I shared and everyone loved it so much. My only regret is that I didn’t make more.

Awesome Spinach DipI cooked up a couple veggie burgers for my vegetarian friends and my cousin who wanted to try one, as well as for myself. Boca chik’n patties are great!

My Aunt Sandy also surprised me by coming over with a bunch of ingredients to make a vegan fried rice. Her husband used to be a vegan, so she knows a lot about vegan cooking and such. We used all organic and good ingredients, and it tasted awesome. In fact, I’ll have to ask her if I can post the recipe, because I’m sure you guys would love it 🙂

Vegan Fried RiceIt was such an awesome day, but I can’t believe I finally graduated! I can’t believe it’s over…

It certainly wouldn’t have happened without the love and support of my parents. Love you guys! 🙂

I also don’t know what I’d do without Jesus. He certainly got me through the bumpy years, and my greatest hope is that my life can reflect the grace He’s given me.

I’m very grateful for the family and friends that not only helped with the party, but also stayed close. Family is such a blessing, and I’m lucky to have you guys.

And I’ve only known you awesome guys for a little over a year, but I’m so thankful for you and this blog. I don’t know if I took it very seriously when I first started it, but I certainly do now. Your love and support has been awe-tastic. You rock! 🙂

I feel ready to tackle the world! 😀



  1. Again, Congratulations on your graduation and your RACE! Good job. My Daughter graduated from College in May (headed to Grad school in August) and her little speech to all of us was thanking me and my husband, but her Biggest thanks was to God! Amen

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  2. Hooray and congrats on your graduation as well as the awesome race you ran just before your party! And kudos to you for saving the day when your cake icing didn’t go exactly as you planned…It sounds like the cake was a success and your quick thinking was proof!
    The whole party sounds like it went very well and indeed, that rice dish looks yummy…
    Your gratefulness and faith and trust in God is an inspiration! Indeed, there are many blessings in life all around!

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    • Thanks Lia! I was kind of a doof anyway for trying a new icing recipe with that little room for error. It was also my first time making a big sheet cake by myself EVER. But the cake was awesome, and thanks to God so was the icing 😉
      And even though it really did come down to the wire, the day went great and we pulled it off!
      😀 I have a lot of things to be thankful for, and you are one of them 😉

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