What I Ate Wednesday, #12

Helllllooooo! Life has been treating me pretty okay lately, which is a welcome change 🙂 Summer is still here, and whelp, I will continue to enjoy it!

And thus rolls on another WIAW:

WIAWSo I went for another run in the morning. I almost didn’t go… but then, I did. Feeling very accomplished, I rushed inside and face-planted into a bowl of tofu scramble. A very successful morning, no? 😀

WIAW (2)After said face-plant into tofu scramble, I took a shower and realized how hot out it was. I figured I’d add to my protein and overall enjoyment of the day with a smoothie. It had frozen berries, a frozen banana, a vegan blueberry yogurt, and some peanut butter powder in it. Don’t be thinking like, “Who puts peanut butter with berries, dude?” It was totally great, at least by my tastes 🙂

WIAW (3)For a snack a little before noon, I had some clementines. These are probably on my top ten list of favorite fruit/veg. Gotta love that vitamin C!

WIAW (4)Me and my mom also got a chance to swing by Starbucks today. As it was very hot, I opted for an Evolution smoothie. The Sweet Berry is probably my fave. I also grabbed a That’s It bar (and while I don’t eat them often, I thoroughly enjoy them).

WIAW (5)Dinner was my favorite meal of the day (second only to the tofu face-plant). It was a veggie burger with melted vegan cheddar, a whopper slice of tomato, and some sauteed peppers on a nice-sized lettuce leaf. YUM-TASTIC STUFF. Plus, we just so happened to have some pineapple in the fridge so, like, WIN.

WIAW (6)For dessert a little later (because if you couldn’t tell, I have an enormous sweet tooth), I had some Iced Latte Wink. Hey people, it’s Summer right? Ice cream is what Summer is all about. Of course, while not overdoing it 😉

Hey hey, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! And let’s give it up for Jenn, for keeping this party together! Woo!




  1. I can’t believe how fast time flies! Already WIAW #12!
    I too love the That’s It bars from Starbucks…they’re a sweet treat without the guilt!
    And believe it or not, I just recently bought my very first blender…a Ninja. Now I am making fruit smoothies left and right! Today I made pineapple, banana, apricot and a few blueberries I had left over….it was divine!
    Your peanut butter powder sounds good and it’s a healthy and smart way to get in your protein which is super important to fuel your body…along with carbohydrates too!
    Have a great rest of the week!

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    • I know, right?! It’s crazy!
      Yeah, the blueberry was good, but my fave is the mango. I love the fact that it’s literally JUST fruit though.
      Oh, congrats on your Ninja! I love my blender to bits (mine’s a nutribullet), I use it almost daily. But that sounds like an awesome smoothie combo!
      Usually I’ll do either peanut butter powder or brown rice protein powder.
      But totally, especially when you’re active (and I’ve been running a lot lately).
      You have a great week too, hopefully I’ll be back again on Friday!


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    • Oh, you should so try them Zully! Literally the only ingredients are fruit. Thank you so much, I try super hard (especially since I’m vegan and I have to make sure I get all my protein and everything).
      It went by so fast. But here’s to twelve more! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Wink is great! It’s my fave cause it’s a 100 calorie pint. Takes some of the guilt off when I sack out with the whole thing 😉
      I try to do a daily orange because it’s easy nutrition. Not to mention it totally tastes like candy 🙂


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