What I Ate Wednesday, #11

Hey, peeps! Can NOT believe I’ve been doing this WIAW thing for eleven weeks! But it’s so much fun 🙂

WIAWSo, for breakfast after a crisp morning run, I had some soy yogurt and a cup of some absolutely fantabulous cherries. Killer antioxidants there 🙂

WIAW (4)A little bit after that, I was still feeling kind of need-protein-y, so I had a quarter cup of almonds with a spritz of olive oil + a tablespoon or so of nooch. Go ahead and laugh, but I just now realized how much protein nooch actually has. I read the label, and 1 1/2 tablespoons actually has 8 grams! Who knew, right?

WIAW (3)Around lunch, I wasn’t crazy-hungry, so I just had a few snacks. Namely a fruit pouch, some seaweed, and an apple that didn’t quite make it into a picture. See, I’m still pretty new at this, I still forget to take pics sometimes 😉

WIAW (2)So, me and the rents swung by a local bakery in the middle of our errand-running. We were getting one of our cars fixed and the bakery happened to be within walking distance. The only thing I could get was a carrot-orange juice (hey, not complaining). It was pretty darn refreshing (cuz let’s face it, it was brutal out there today).

WIAW (5)Dinner was some steamed veggies (with a tasteful helping of Earth Balance) and some fantastic strawberries. My parents ate relatively the same dinner I did. I’m actually pretty psyched though, because my parents seem to be transitioning themselves into (almost) plant-based life. Whether or not I had anything to do with it, I am happy 😀

WIAW (6)For an evening snack, I had some deglet noor dates (chewy and awesome) with a smidge of peanut butter. DELICIOUS!


Alrighty then, seeya around! Thanks a bunch to Jenn for hosting this shindig, as always 🙂





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