What I Ate Wednesday, #9

Today was actually pretty great 😀

WIAWI started the morning off with a Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif bar, maybe a half-hour or so before going out for a nice run. Most of their flavors happen to be accidentally vegan ♥ And not to get long-winded, but the Chocolate Brownie is also out of this world. That is called living your life. 🙂

WIAW (2)When I came back nearly an hour later, famished and dripping with sweat, I grabbed my blender and made a smoothie. That smoothie included some vegan vanilla yogurt, 1/2 an avocado, a cup of mixed frozen fruit, and a bit of almond milk. It was a very rewarding treat.

WIAW (3)Right before lunchtime, I had some tofu scramble. I eat this really often, it’s pretty much a staple. Heck, I don’t even have to look at the recipe anymore. Don’t ya’ just love when that happens?

WIAW (5)An hour or so later, I had some leftover peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes with a handful of raspberries (love raspberries). I am completely unashamed for eating pancakes for lunch. It was very sinful… but, I mean, peanut butter

WIAW (4)For an afternoon snack, I had a nice juicy apple. Alls I can say is, I had a hankering for fruit 😉

WIAW (6)Maybe an hour before dinner, me and the sis took a quick ride out to Starbucks. We had some enjoyable sister-chat, and just had fun. I’m just glad Starbucks carries the Evolution smoothies, or else I probably couldn’t get anything.

WIAW (7)Dinner was a falafel salad. I used about two cups of lettuce as a base, put maybe 1/4-1/2 cup chopped cucumber and two or three crumbled falafel balls, and drizzled tomato-sriracha sauce on top. Yeah, I looooove spicy stuff 😉

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to hop on by Jenn’s blog, too!


I had a really delicious day! How about you? What was the tastiest thing you ate today? 



  1. Wednesday
    this is a great memory exercise
    soooo … what I ate Wednesday …

    coffee with 1/2
    piece of ww bread
    happened to drive by a Vietnamese Restaurant we didn’t know was there … have been in search of another since ours closed … picked up take-out menus … then decided we should get a bowl of soup to try them out … we WILL be calling them
    oatmeal with grapes
    veggie burger in ww tortilla
    oatmeal bars (oatmeal bananas raisins coconut cranberries applesauce)
    2 pieces ww bread
    cut wax beans
    mashed potatoes
    tea with milk


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