What I Ate Wednesday, #7

Man, these past few days have been brutally hot. Brutal. They’re the kind of days where you just wanna do nothing but stand in front of the air conditioner. You know it’s hot when you’ve resorted to taking cold showers.

WIAW (1)But a cool smoothie goes hand in hand with a hot day. I threw some frozen mixed fruit, a banana, some coconut milk, and powdered peanut butter in my blender, and voila! Cold, creamy goodness to take the edge off, while I wiped the sweat off my forehead.

WIAW (2)I had an apple mid-morning…

WIAW (3)And later, a grapefruit and a leftover Spinach Carob-Coconut Bar. The best part about storing those bars in the freezer is that it makes them last longer… If that’s possible 😉

WIAW (4)Around lunch, I wasn’t crazy-hungry. So I just had some Ancho Chile Sweet Potato chips. I only recently discovered them, but they’re growing on me pretty fast 🙂

WIAW (7)Then, kind of into the afternoon, I had some pineapple and “ranch” green beans.

WIAW (6)The “ranch” and green beans is a really tasty combo. I actually got the seasoning idea from a recipe for “cool ranch” fries I ran into a while back. Ever since I found that recipe, I’ve been throwing the seasoning mixture on almost everything. It is mind-blowing.

WIAW (5)For a late afternoon snack, I had some pistachios. Pistachios are my absolute fave nut (although pecans are a close second). I’m really not sure why. Maybe it’s the work of getting it out of the shell… All part of the experience, I guess 😉

WIAW (8)Dinner was some grilled lettuce (drizzled with some tangy balsamic vinegar) and some baby dill pickles. It was almost like a part two of our Memorial Day cookout. Except on Memorial Day I wasn’t out after dinner getting muddy working in my garden. The evening was cooler, but still a bit sweaty… But hey, it gave me an excuse to take another refreshingly cold shower 🙂

So, what kind of stuff did you guys eat today? Anything special? Feel free to leave a comment!




    • You’re welcome, I LOVED it! The green beans were great and I also tried the seasoning in a tofu scramble, which also turned out great 🙂 I’ve been thinking about other things to try it on, too.


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