What I Ate Wednesday, #2

Wazzup? Thanks for tuning in for my second edition of WIAW 🙂

Heeeeeere we go:

WIAWBreakfast was a quick smoothie: frozen mixed fruit, banana, avocado and some brown rice protein powder. If you ever want to make a really thick and creamy smoothie, try the avocado in it. You won’t be sorry.

WIAW (2)I went to work, then stopped off at the store for some So Delicious choco-peanut butter swirl. It was super nice out, I just couldn’t resist 😉

WIAW (3)After doing some intense gardening, I came back inside and had a fruit pouch… Don’t look at me like that, they aren’t just for kids lol.

WIAW (4)Right before dinner, I had a few clementines. Man, do I love a good clementine. They’re like nature’s candy, am I right?

WIAW (5)Dinner was a homemade tortilla pizza, with vegan mozzerella and some sauteed peppers and onions. Oh, it was so delicious. Sure, I had to eat it with a knife and fork, but so worth it.

Thanks for reading! 🙂




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