Creamy Strawberry “Milk” Shake

Let’s face it, people: creamy drinks are awesome. I sure hope I’m not the only one backing that stance… because sadly, if you disagree, you won’t enjoy this smoothie recipe. Not one bit.

… … …

What’s that, though? You like sweet shakes that go down smooth? Well buckle up, ‘cause this recipe will knock your socks clean off!

I’ll let you in on a secret: one of my best friends is hiding in this drink. Can you guess what it is?

AVOCADO! That’s right. Avocado lends mellow (read: nearly nonexistent) flavor and extreme creaminess to this strawberry shake. Of course, the banana doesn’t hurt either 🙂

If you really wanna top this off nice, I totally suggest topping it with coconut crème, which I’ve included a recipe for below. If you wanna get a little fancy, you could use one of those cake decorating bags or a sandwich bag with a hole at the bottom tip to pipe the creme on top of your drink.

I would’ve included the whip in the picture, but it’s hot out here and the whip was being a total jerk. Looked horrible, tasted awe-tastic.

This smoothie will explode your mind. You’ve been warned.

So, I think I’ll go enjoy a strawberry smoothie outside, since it’s such a beautiful day. I mean, sure, I just drank a whole one… but who’s counting, right?

Whelp, off to buy another avocado!


Creamy Strawberry “Milk” Shake

Serves 1



1 ½ heaping cups frozen strawberries

½ frozen banana

½ medium avocado

1 cup non-dairy milk (feel free to use the extra coconut milk from the coconut crème recipe)

1 tbsp agave

Coconut Crème as desired (recipe below)


Blend everything except the coconut crème in your blender until smooth. Top with coconut crème and enjoy!



Coconut Crème

Makes about 1/4-1/3 cup



1 can full-fat coconut milk


Refrigerate you can of coconut milk lid-up overnight. Do not turn the can upside down or on its side for any reason.

The next morning, open your can and scrape the thick coconut pulp that accumulated at the top of the can into a bowl, scraping only the thickest and leaving the milk in the can. You can use the leftover milk in the smoothie recipe above or anything else you wish.

Then, using a handheld or stationary mixer, whip your coconut “crème” until thickened, about 1-2 minutes.

Use creme to top your smoothie, eat creme with a spoon, or just about anything else you want. Enjoy!


Man, I loooooooooove thick, creamy smoothies. Say, what’s your favorite cream-tastic smoothie recipe? I’d love to know!


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