My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden

That picture looks pretty blah, right? Aside from a bench, some pots and bushes, there’s not really much going on here. Right? WRONG.

You see, hiding cleverly behind those bushes is my beloved vegetable garden. Maybe the pots give part of that away… who knows? They hint, not say, my friends.

Garden ViewBOOM! It’s almost like stepping into a parallel universe… except you’re stepping from the pool area to the garden area.

My garden is my baby. Even though this is only my first year with a veggie garden, I still feel like I’ve known it for years. Sometimes, I even talk to my plants… is that weird? Hmm…

Moving right on 🙂

First off, I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff in flowerpots. I grew a good amount of dill and some basil, a lot of which I’ve already harvested. I can’t wait to make some nice pesto!

Basil DillNext, we have my onion plant. It actually began as an experiment. There was an onion in my kitchen, and it started growing little green shoots. I, being all but too curious, decided to look up how onions grow. I realized I could plant it and get some nice onion seeds to plant next season. So, on the same chilly March evening, I threw the onion deep into the barely workable soil, hoping for the best. Below is the product:

Onion SeedsAnd since I’m admittedly an amateur gardener, I’m not really too sure if I waited too long to lop off my onion flower head. Going by this article, I might be hitting it just right here.

Another gardening mission I’ve embarked on is growing green beans. I have a big pot (at least a foot in diameter) with about six plants in it. I also have an oval-shaped one and six small flower pots. So far, the plants have treated me fairly well. Except that the leaves started turning yellowy and my common sense tells me that’s not a good sign. I’ve put a picture of one of the better ones below.

Green BeansShe’s a real beaut, right? One thing I’ve noticed about this specific variety is that they grow extremely fast. It’s literally days after planting the seeds that I’ll see little seedlings popping up.

I also grow green peppers. Now, these have kind of been trial-and-error for me, mainly because the first time I tried to plant them I was using 7-year-old seeds. Maybe it was just me, but I feel like that’s sorta why they didn’t fly at first.



I bought more pepper seeds at the supermarket (they were on sale for 20 cents) this summer, threw them in some dirt, and look at them now:

Pepper SeedlingI just hope to get some before the summer’s over.

Zucchini (2)Now, I don’t like to play favorites (especially with my babies), but my zucchini plants have been treating me the best overall. We have really in-depth conversations, especially when I’m harvesting their nice, juicy zucchini.

I love cooking with my harvestings, too. Grilled zucchini is da bomb. Try it out, for sure 🙂

Zucchini SeedlingI’ve also planted another zucchini seedling because… it’s a little embarrassing… in the early stages of my garden, there were quite a few weeds for me to deal with. Sometimes, I just couldn’t keep up. And my zucchini plants were still a little small… Remember how I mentioned that I’m sort of an amateur? *Cringe* Yeah. I killed one of my zucchini seedlings.

Live and learn friends, live and learn.

Zucchini FlowerOn a lighter note, did you know that people actually eat zucchini blossoms? It sounds strange, but I’m actually really curious. I’ll probably try this recipe here. I’ll let you know!

Since I want you to meet all of my little friends, but know it would take at least 1000 words and endless pictures (and two more hours), I’ll simply close with some snapshots.

Grape Tomatoes Cucumber Seedlings (2) Carrot Seedling Acorn Squash Watermelon Regular Tomatoes Pumpkin Seedlings


So, are you the proud parent of a vegetable garden? What do you grow? Do you have any tips? Be sure to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you 🙂





  1. I’m going to honest and say I’m jealous of this being your first year of vegetables. It all looks so great.

    I garden, but I only have snap peas, some lettuce, a few herbs, tomatoes (which I haven’t gotten down but I’ve gotten some fruit), and green peppers.

    I really liked seeing all your photos and it motivates me to plant more! There is definitely something peaceful about working your land and getting food! And talking to plants is totally normal according to my mom’s teachings.


    • Aww, thanks 🙂 What you have now sounds pretty good; I might plant some snap peas of my own next year. And there’s nothing like a garden-fresh tomato, right? Gardening is very rewarding.

      I’m so glad you liked my post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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