Wazzup, world?

I love veggies. And fruits. A lot.

I have some delicious fruit n’ veg on my dining room table, just a waitin’ to be eaten.

I guess there’s people out there who don’t mind veggies, but it’s more like a tolerance thing than love.

^ That’s not me. In fact, I can’t imagine a life without fruits and vegetables. It just doesn’t compute.

But really, how can I blame people who are stuck in a veggie rut of preheat-oven-to-350-and-roast-for-15-minutes?

Maybe with veggies (and fruits, too) instead of seeing delicious possibilities, they see a big bland chore. They just force them down their throats for the health benefits (which are fantastic, by the way), not really knowing how they can make them pop.

But since i’m super passionate about this very subject, I wish to help as best I can.

Chocolate shake, for instance? I’d throw in some kale and a banana. Dessert quick-bread? How about some zucchini? Chocolatey brownies? Sneak in some sweet potatoes!

… … …

Think i’m crazy yet? 🙂

It’s not really a crazy thing, more like a creativity that stems from growing bored of plain ol’ steamed and roasted veggies. Not that I don’t like steamed and roasted veggies. They just get old sometimes.

So I hope you’ll stick around, check out some of my soon-to-come recipes, and get in on the crazy!



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